evalytic’s NPI Lookup Tool was born out of the frustration of seeing that existing NPI lookup websites only return data from the NPPES while there are so many other provider insights from other data sources. We fill that void by surfacing several data points to create a complete data graph of US-based health care providers.

Insights you can glean from our NPI tool

  • Detailed NPI information from the NPPES directory
  • Payments information for the last 6 years from the Open Payments (Sunshine Act)
  • Clinical Trial information from ClinicalTrials.gov
  • Claims data from proprietary sources
  • Contact information from proprietary sources

Several of the data is available for free but some request a free registration or a paid subscription. For more information including request access to our data sources and extracts, please contact us.

About evalytics

Evalytics transforms Real World Data and market insights into actionable solutions. We increase the effectiveness in generating solutions and outcomes for our partners specific to the product development life-cycle. You can learn more about us at evalyticslabs.com