Transportation Services

The health care providers taxonomy codes are unique alphanumeric codes, ten characters in length. The codes are divided into three distinct "levels": Provider Grouping, Classification, and Area of Specialization. The code set levels are organized to allow navigating down from generic classification to a provider's most specific level of specialization. The code set is designed for use in electronic health care transactions mandated under HIPAA.

Taxonomy codes are self-selected by the health care providers. Their specialty is defined based on their education level and training. Taxonomy codes do not specify the actual services rendered by the health care provider.

Code Specialization Definition
Air Carrier
344800000X An air company that the Federal Aviation Administration, the certificate-holding district office (CHDO), regional Flight Standards Division (RFSD) offices, and AFS-900 has verified that the company is capable of operating safely and that it complies with the regulations and standards prescribed by the Administrator.
341600000X An emergency vehicle used for transporting patients to a health care facility after injury or illness. Types of ambulances used in the United States include ground (surface) ambulance, rotor-wing (helicopter), and fixed-wing aircraft (airplane).
3416A0800X Air Transport Definition to come...
3416L0300X Land Transport Definition to come...
3416S0300X Water Transport Definition to come...
347B00000X A public or private organization or business licensed to provide bus services.
Military/U.S. Coast Guard Transport
341800000X Definition to come...
3418M1120X Military or U.S. Coast Guard Ambulance, Air Transport Vehicle and staff for patient emergency or non-emergency air transport.
3418M1110X Military or U.S. Coast Guard Ambulance, Ground Transport Vehicle and staff for patient emergency or non-emergency ground transport. Includes traditional ambulances as well as ambulance buses.
3418M1130X Military or U.S. Coast Guard Ambulance, Water Transport Vehicle and staff for patient emergency or non-emergency sea/water transport
Non-emergency Medical Transport (VAN)
343900000X A land vehicle with a capacity to meet special height, clearance, access, and seating, for the conveyance of persons in non-emergency situations. The vehicle may or may not be required to meet local county or state regulations.
Private Vehicle
347C00000X An individual paid to provide non-emergency transportation using their privately owned/leased vehicle.
Secured Medical Transport (VAN)
343800000X A public or privately owned transportation service with vehicles, specially equipped to provide enhanced safety, security and passenger restraint, and staffed by one or more individuals trained to work with patients in crisis situations resulting from mental or emotional illness and/or substance abuse.
344600000X A land commercial vehicle used for the transporting of persons in non-emergency situations. The vehicle meets local, county or state regulations set forth by the jurisdictions where it is located.
347D00000X An organization or business licensed to provide passenger train service, including light rail, subway, and traditional services.
Transportation Broker
347E00000X An organization that provides transportation for individuals who need access to medical care or services and have no other means of transportation. Transportation includes, but is not limited to, wheelchair van, taxi, stretcher car, bus passes and tickets, and secured transportation.
Transportation Network Company
342000000X A ride-sharing company that provides prearranged or contracted non-emergency medical transportation services to patients through mobile or online technology.